Cerulean Sonar Products

Omniscan is a low-cost, high-resolution, long-range imaging sonar ideally suited for use on small ROVs and surface vessels. As the ROV or surface vessel moves, SonarView “paints” the image of the scanned area of the sea floor giving excellent situational awareness in the murkiest conditions.

The Omniscan 450 SS is tailored for sidescan applications. It has a longer transducer which gives 50% better angular resolution and 150m maximum range. The electronics module is separate and must by mounted in the vehicle's water tight enclosure. Two units of the Omniscan 450 SS can be combined in SonarView for the conventional sidescan application in which both sides are scanned simultaneously.

NEW ROVL Mk III using the interrogate/response model of a traditional USBL system, it dispenses with both distance sync at the start of the mission and period crystal calibration procedures. No timebase drift means the system can remain submerged indefinitely without losing slant range accuracy.

NEW Forward-looking multibeam sonar! Images with an entire 90-degree sector on every ping. This video-like capability is ideal for all-condition navigation, target location, tracking, and general situational awareness.

The world's most affordable system for the localization of underwater vehicles.

Doppler Velocity Log (DVL-75)

Low cost Doppler Velocity Log for medium accuracy measurement of the velocity of an ROV.


SonarView™ is a sonar viewing application developed by Cerulean Sonar, supporting various sonar devices (with more on the way.) Currently supported devices: Insight-240 multibeam sonar, S500 Sounder, and Blue Robotics Ping360 single beam sonars.

Single-beam echosounder. Altimeter for ROVs and AUVs, for bathymetry work aboard a USV, as an obstacle avoidance sonar, and other underwater distance measurement applications.


SONAR devices have evolved considerably in the sophistication of their technology. They incorporate advanced echo ranging techniques into more affordable devices for smaller unmanned vehicles. This blog provides an introduction to the basics of current SONAR applications in a straightforward manner

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