HS Code: 8544.11

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Intended for use in an ROVL system with the ROVL Rx (receiver) on the top side, plugged into either a laptop or the Cerulean BlueROV plug-and-play integration module – but it can be used anywhere serial-to-USB conversion is required.


This cable is compatible with both ROVL receiver and transmitter. It includes a 6.5 meter long cable assembly with a Blue Robotics penetrator and a 4-pin JST-GH connector on one end (fits the Cerulean ROVL RX or TX). On the other end is a USB Type A male connector (this is the type of plug that plugs into most computers). In the center is a serial-to-USB converter, which is encapsulated in a rugged, waterproof, impervious polyurethane module. The cable enables bi-directional communication and passes power from the USB host to the ROVL unit. The converter uses an FTDI chip, for which drivers are normally shipped with Windows and Linux systems.

Note: This cable is only useful in an ROVL TX (transmitter) if the transmitter is located at the surface AND it is necessary to communicate with the TX unit.