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The ROV Locator Mk II brings the cost-effectiveness of underwater positioning solutions to a new level. With a 300-meter depth rating and no need to calibrate crystal oscillators or manually sync the distance between units (select auto sync) at mission start-up, you can get up and running in no time.

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Product ships in 5-7 days

HS Code: 9015.80

Max Depth: 300 meters

Ping freq.: 25 kHz

Max Range: 1 kilometer

Update rate: 1 Hz


The ROV Locator Mark II includes a transmitter mounted on the ROV and a receiver module located on the surface. The bundle also comes with a mounting ring and adapter. Simply power up, start the dive and track the ROV location in real-time on the QGroundControl map display. Serial communication and API are available.

Autosync works by exposing the Receiver and Transmitter to GPS or GNSS signals at the start of the mission and optionally at intervals during the mission. Satellite acquisition occurs typically within 30 seconds of power-up. In the canonical case of a ROVL receiver sited near the ROV operator and a ROVL transmitter on the ROV, the satellite acquisition will typically occur in the background, and at the time the ROV is being readied for launch and while the ROVL Receiver IMU calibration is being done.

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Software Bundle

User Manual

IMU calibration

BlueROV Installation

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Volume, Receiver Unit

317 ml

Mass, Receiver Unit

380 gm

Volume, Transmitter Unit

317 ml

Mass, Transmitter Unit

380 gm

Absolute Maximum Range


Typical Usable Range


Apparent Yaw/Azimuth resolution**

Apparent Elevation angle resolution**

Slant range measurement resolution **

0.1 m

Slant range error accumulation (typical)

2 m/hr

IMU Euler angle accuracy, typical***

Update rate

1 Hz

Ping Frequency

25 kHz

Maximum Depth

300 meters

**Resolution does not equal accuracy.               *** Magnetic errors not included.


More Information

Top side GPS options

Cerulean ROV Locator should work with any 3rd party serial GPS connected to the top-side computer. The following are GPS USB Receivers we have used:

- Global BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver

- HiLetgo VK172 G-Mouse USB GLONASS USB GPS Receiver

- VK-162 G-Mouse - Remote mount USB GPS Navigation Dongle

What comes in the box

  • One ROVL Receiver
  • One ROVL Transmitter (Beacon)
  • One Mounting Ring and Bracket
  • Notes: The Cerulean "6.5-meter serial-to-USB conversion cable" must be preinstalled when purchasing the ROVL Mk II product. It is not upgradeable afterward.