• Overview
  • SonarView is a sonar viewing application developed by Cerulean Sonar. SonarView supports a variety of sonar devices with more on the way. Currently supported devices:

Omniscan 450 Forward and Side-Scanning models by Cerulean Sonar.

Insight-240  Forward Looking Sonar

S500 Sounder by Cerulean Sonar

Ping360 by Blue Robotics

Ping by Blue Robotics

SonarView is available now as a standalone app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

OEM Versions

SonarView is based on web technologies for excellent portability across the range of hardware architectures and software operating systems. There is a companion module called SonarLink that handles hardware interface functions that cannot be executed in a browser environment. On a case by case basis, Cerulean will consider developing or licensing a SonarLink implementation for OEM environments.

BlueOS Version

One example of such an implementation is the Blue Robotics BlueOS version. In this case, SonarLink runs on the vehicle's Raspberry Pi computer and handles all the hardware communication. The SonarView App itself is then a pure web app that can run in any capable browser.

Download Links

Chose your platform. Here is the link to the latest version and installation instructions. Sonarview is free to download, easy to install, and requires only a valid email address for activation.


Click this link for the full user manual including operating details for each supported device.