• SonarView is a sonar viewing application developed by Cerulean Sonar. SonarView supports a variety of sonar devices with more on the way. Currently supported devices:

Insight-240 multibeam sonar by Cerulean Sonar

S500 Sounder by Cerulean Sonar

Ping360 by Blue Robotics

Ping by Blue Robotics

Based on progressive web app technologies, it is highly portable. It is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux. Future versions (including BlueOS plugin version) should even run in a browser and on iOS and Android.

Download Links

Chose your platform. Here are the links to the latest version and installation instructions. Sonarview is free to download, easy to install, and requires only a valid email address for activation.


Click this link for the full user manual including operating details for each supported device.