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The Omniscan 450 FS is ideally suited for forward looking ROV applications. The transducer and electronics are housed in a single enclosure with Ethernet + power interface. Two enclosure options are available for 100m or 300m depth rating.

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As the ROV or surface vessel moves, Cerulean SonarView “paints” the image of the scanned area of the sea floor giving excellent situational awareness in the murkiest conditions.

In the case of a surface vessel with GPS or an ROV with DVL, scanning is translational as well as rotational. For underwater vehicles without positioning information, Omniscan's Dopper Position Tracking can be used for translational information in the direction of the beam. Using a pair of Omniscan 450 FS units, one forward and one 90 degrees to either side, full 2d motion tracking is available. This also enables position hold mode.

Animated screen capture of SonarView illustrating how vehicle motion scans the seafloor. This is not a simulation. It is screen capture of SonarView replaying an actual Omniscan log file.

Operator Scanning

Using Omniscan 450 FS on an ROV, the scanning is under the direct control of the ROV driver so that they can focus on specific areas of interest rather than waiting for a mechanical scanning sonar to slowly come around to sweep the particular sector they want to see. Using the “Heading Up” mode in SonarView makes this manual scanning very intuitive and provides excellent situational awareness.

Rendering of Omniscan 450 FS with optional mounting bracket on a BlueROV2.

Omniscan SonarView in Heading Up Mode.


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Download Resources

SonarView Manual

Omniscan User Manual

Introducing Omniscan

Introducing Doppler Motion Tracking

STEP files

Omniscan Sample Images

Product Specifications

Viewing Software

SonarView by Cerulean


450 kHz

Range Resolution

Up to 1/1200 of range setting

Maximum Ping Rate

20 pings per second up to 30m range, thereafter limited by range and speed of sound. Examples: 10 pps @ 50m, 5 pps @ 140m range setting

Power Supply

10-30 Volts, 5 watts max at idle, 10 watts max while pinging

Data Interface

100BaseT Ethernet

Electrical Connection

Single cable with 4 pin JST for data (Blue Robotics Ethernet standard), plus a wire pair for power. Adapter provided for standard RJ-45 ethernet connection.

Maximum Range


Far Field (Note 1)


Beam Width (Note 2)


Beam Height


Maximum Operating Depth

100m and 300m versions

Weight in Air

440g(100m), 825g(300m)

Weight in Water

-60g(100m), +325(300m)

Overall Dimmensions


Note 1: Far Field distance is the range beyond which the beam width specification is valid. At nearer distances the effective beam width gets wider, and sidelobes get larger. Note 2: This is the nominal theoretical 2-way (transmit and receive) 3dB beam width.