Omniscan Doppler Motion Tracking FAQ

If every other ping is a "doppler ping," doesn't that reduce the imaging rate? Yes, when Doppler Motion Tracking is enabled, imaging ping rate is reduced by half. Doppler Motion Tracking can be enabled and disabled with a toggle on the Omniscan Device Controls panel in SonarView.

Is Omniscan Doppler motion tracking as accurate as a DVL? Omniscan Doppler speed measurements are not as accurate as a DVL due to the ambiguity of the angle of the reflected signal. Nevertheless, it is accurate enough to give excellent situational awareness as SonarView renders the mosaic of the scanned environment.

How good is Omniscan Position Hold without a DVL?  Using only 2 channels (as opposed to a full DVL which would have at least 3 or 4), there can be a slow drift in position hold mode (typically 1-2 meter/minute).