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The Insight-240 forward looking multibeam sonar images with an entire 90° sector on every ping. This video-like capability is ideal for all-condition navigation, target location, tracking, and general situational awareness.

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HS Code: 9015.80

Max Depth: 300m

Frequency.: 240kHz

Max Range: 150m

Interface: 100BaseT Ethernet w/POE


The Insight-240 forward looking sonar features multibeam technology to image a full 90° sector with every ping. This video-like capability is ideal for all-condition navigation, target location and tracking, and general situational awareness.

You can observe echoes from objects like ropes, walls, dock pilings, shipwrecks, boats, fish, and any other structures or objects that reflect sound waves. The generated image provides a compelling reference for navigation regardless of water visibility, allowing for the localization of essential features quickly.

The Insight-240 is a 240kHz, 150m range, 300m depth rated system. For general purpose applications, a mounting bracket incorporating a servo tilt mechanism is highly recommended.


Insight-240 Manual



CAD Models


Viewing Software

SonarView by Cerulean

Maximum Range


Minimum Range

3m (near field limit)

Range Resolution

0.5% of range

Maximum Operating Depth




Weight in Air

2.3kg (1.7kg without bracket and servo)

Weight in Water

850g (550g without bracket and servo)

Overall Dimensions w/o servo tilt option


Image Sector Width


Transmit Horizontal Beam Width


Transmit Vertical Beam Width


Receive Effective Beam Width

SonarView renders beams every 0.5° (181 beams spanning the 90° image sector). Beamformed 3dB beam width is about 1.3° forward to 1.9° at 45° angle.

Maximum Ping Rate

20Hz up to 30m range, thereafter reducing due to distance and speed of sound to 10Hz @ 50m, 5Hz @ 140m

Power Supply

10-30V, 10-15W typical at idle, 15-20W typical max while pinging

Data Interface

100BaseT Ethernet

Electrical Connection

JST GH (4 pos) for data (Blue Robotics connector standard.) Spade terminals for connecting to power. A JST GH to RJ45 adapter is included.


The Insight-240 is designed for use with the Cerulean SonarView application software.

Perfect fit on the Blue Robotics BlueROV2