BlueROV2 Cerulean Software Installation

To take advantage of the latest drivers and features for Cerulean Sonar products, you will need to add the Cerulean Sonar version of Blue Robotics Companion to your ROV.

1. Plug a fully charged battery into the ROV and connect the tether to your computer.

2. Navigate to the Companion Network Page in your browser and ensure that the ROV has access to a WiFi network.

a. For a stock BlueROV2, this will be

3. Navigate to the Companion Git Page

a. For a stock BlueROV2, this will be

4. Add a new remote

a. Remote name: Cerulean

b. Remote address:

add remote

5. Under ‘Remotes:’ go to Cerulean -> tags and select “cerulean-stable”

Cerulean  stable selection

6. Click “Update” and wait for the update process to finish.

a. Stay on the page until the update completes. You will be able to see the progress in the console window at the bottom of your screen.

b. It is very important to not disturb or power off the ROV during the update. Although it typically only takes a minute or two, the update process may take longer depending on various factors.

DVL Software Setup

At this time, the DVL must have $GPRMC messages enabled to work with the BlueROV2.

To Enable $GPRMC Messages:

• Connect the DVL to a Windows computer via Serial or Ethernet

• Open CeruleanTracker and select the correct connection options in the DVL Connection section

Cerulean DVL Connection

• In the DVL Quick Look check the Show Command Window box

Show command window

• Click Refresh Settings in the DVL Command Window

Refresh settings

• Set the following settings:


• Freeform: OFF



• Coordinate Frame: WORLD

• Retweet IMU: OFF

• Retweet GPS: OFF

DVL command window settings